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XC-116 Ceramic Wick - 12" Heat Cleaned

XC-116 Ceramic Wick - 12" Heat Cleaned
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XC-116 Ceramic Wick is the ultimate RBA wicking material!  Ceramic is temperature stable to 1200 degrees, so it will not burn or give off a burnt flavor, even at super-high wattages.  It is able to be torched clean, and so will last much longer than a traditional silica or cotton wick.  It is non-conductive, and so does not suffer from the hotspot issues that SS mesh does.

This wick is pre-treated by SnG Vapor with heat to remove contaminants.  We recommend a small dry-burn after wrapping to remove any latent skin oils present from processing, but we have heated this wick to over 750deg Celcius to remove contaminants.  3M tech sheets state that the minimum safe temperature for removing sizing is 700deg C, and we go a hare over that to ensure full cleaning.

SnG makes no claims, representations, or guarantees regarding the suitability of this product for any certain purpose.  This is an advanced user product, and is sold as such without any warranty of any kind.  Please do yourself and the community a favor and research how to use this product prior to use.  Some great resources exists at the Reddit E-Cig Sub as well as on the Electronic Cigarette Forums.

XC-116 is not available for export; international orders that include this product will not have this product shipped to them, and will recieve a gift certificate in the amount spent on the wick.


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